Oshi Digest #18: Arrival

Arrive in America🇺🇸✨ #写ルンです

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Oshi. Is. In. America(us). So is all of NECRONOMIDOL, but you all know why this excites me most — the triumphant Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com is in-country, and I am going to see her in person, and I am going to meet her and bask in the corrupting darkness emanating from within.

Oshi was more than ready for her first idoling appearance in the United States:

Your sacrifices please Oshi greatly:

Knowing that the Necroma members are the least foul thing to ever happen to that upholstery fills me with glee:

By all accounts, the LA show was amazing, and thanks to everybody who’s shared their story. I’m going to paraphrase Daemon slightly: During the VIP show, Oshi took his hand; while many other wota wanted to then shake it to vicariously shake hands with Sari herself, our poor intrepid friend was left to worry about whether that hand would shrivel up and fall off. Oh, truly grand are the dilemmas of wotaing the undead!

We will see you again, Oshi. Tomorrow is Portland. Then San Francisco. And then, finally, Seattle.

I have a dilemma, friends! Do you think that Oshi knows that she is Oshi? And do you think that she’ll consume my soul on request, which is all I really want from this experience? Will she accept my gift? What gift should I even give?

5 thoughts on “Oshi Digest #18: Arrival

  1. I hope you booked your flight to the right city…BTW, Sari stops being scary if she puts her hair behind her ears. I think she has a thing for fine chocolates, none of that US vomit-smelling crud.
    Annnd I think she already posses your soul.

  2. Btw, where is Hina?
    As a present something American, I guess. Not necessarily food. Maybe a cup for coffee with coffee from the American continent?

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