And Here’s le biglemoi with the Best Thing Happening This Week

You guys remember le biglemoi, right? Briefly just about the coolest dang thing to happen in the middle portion of the year, loud but also going with a darkened tradol look, they fell into the ever-predictable Westerners’ trap of Oops We’re Good but Also Missed Doing Something for a Week and Now You’ve Forgotten about Us. It happens a lot!

Anyway, they’re cool and good, but I’d nonetheless completely lost track of their existence — ironically so, as you’ll discover in the Weekender — to the point that they weren’t even in my Check This Weekly list anymore. And that’s a shame, because this is the kind of work that le biglemoi is capable of producing:

I love nonsensical English lyrics in idol songs

Amazingly? This isn’t on their Twitter feed (yet), and it’s as yet not promoting any particular release; it’s like management expects that fans will all be subscribed on YouTube, that their notifications will work (they never do) and then they’ll do the dirty work of telling each other about the thing. Which, funny, that’s how I know about it (thanks, PIH), and also I would never dream of trying such a thing (/cough), but additionally also is an inexplicable way to do business for (presumable) money.

Regardless, there’s a song here!

Like the Zenkimi thing, it’s going back over a ton of extremely familiar idol territory, but the enjoyability of the result of songwriter chemistry is usually in the skilled just-so pulling together of a particular admixture that tastes like chocolate hazelnut cookie instead of scorched Nutella patty, you know? Like, nothing about this song is new or fresh or exciting, but I love every bit of it anyway. Maybe it’s the guitar tone — it sounds like a grinding, out-of-calibration industrial machine.

But yeah, how the hell is it that nobody, me included, thought to include these guys in the Of the Year stuff, at the very least for group debut? Is it because they’re with RIZE, which is in a weird spot between chika and genuine not-chika but also is terrible at digital promotion? Because there’s something about the look and/or sound that doesn’t quite grab as much as, say, any one of the dozens of other idols that are practically identical (because idol)?

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