Deep Girl Releases Pants-shittingly Terrifying Video

We’ll get around to profiling Deep Girl — an agency idol metal creation that definitely had skeptics when they debuted — in due time, but here they are with the MV for their second single, “I Kill.”

I …

Well, THAT was certainly something! In a good way. My first thought was that they were channeling Linkin Park with a vengeance, and I don’t think that’s inaccurate, through that rhythmic base is what’s honestly one of the most J-pop choral melodies that’s ever J-poped. Again, good way. It’s sounds amazing. I don’t even know how to describe that outro. Electronic deathcore? Great.

But the visuals, my goodness. I daresay that’s the most vividly disturbing music video I’ve ever seen. And I like Behemoth!

Good job, Deep Girl. The rest of you, go educate yourselves.