Your Homicidols Weekender #48

Good morning everybody! I don’t have a lot of ado to worry about here — I turned in an 18-hour workday yesterday (salaried employees ftl!) and slept in late and hell, other than some goddamn heartbreak and also arguably the single best thing to happen all year that wasn’t scoring an interview, or the Fun, there’s not much to ado about. SO!

This Is One of Those Weeks

This is the single most important announcement you will ever need:

If any part of this resonates with you …

That breakdown though

There’s another idol crowdfunding project that you can get behind, and do it as a favor to our dude Pure Idol Heart — like, basically none of the information infrastructure around our community of weirdos dedicated fans of the non-traditional idol exists without having gone through his work — if nothing else, but maybe you enjoy supporting Ruruko too, so why not also support agencymates of hers in Parfait? The details are many and here, but the gist is that they’re raising money to pull off a major motion picture*, and the benefits to fans (well, Japanese fans, probably) are not insignificant. If you want to know more about them or just happen to need a kawaiidol fix:

*I love using that phrase; makes me feels Depression-y

As for me, if anybody can score me one of these Task have Fun CDs, I’ll buy you a Coke:

969 seems to be doing okay:

I have a new Collaboration of the Year candidate, and it is HAMIDASYSTEM on stage with Minna no Kodomo-chan:

As for Letdown of the Year, how about Yanakoto Sotto Mute spending a week implying that the apocalypse was coming, only to announce a one-man?

Oh yes please:

Another take on SAiNT SEX:

I’ll be honest, I really wanted to Attain Music video to be better, because I want to post again about them, but it’s just a poorly recorded live:

Beni reacts to being one person doing the work of two:

Did you see the new BiS live video?

You might enjoy this thing with Alloy:

At least Saki is still with us:

Farewell, impossible penguin human:

How about the greatest CM of all time, courtesy of Negicco?

Like, Hate, Love went bye-bye, and Snowdrop is a shell of itself, but there’s a new face in the Ska Idol Project lineup:

I enjoyed DEAR KISS!

Bonpara goes soliciting:

I like Devil ANTHEM, but I’m practically begging for another rock song or something at this point:

Rin’s face here:

What a photo:

You know what I hate? Like what just gets me mad as hell? That Heart ni Pochicon is having a last live. My all-time favorite trash idols will never trash again:

Have a blackened weekend!