I Can’t Not Give This Love to amiinA

It was in diving into the info around the thing that I most want this year that I saw some (late) info on another release that should get people who are into good music excited — amiinA, the dynamic duo of epic fantasy dream pop art rock idols, are also putting out a new single. And while I’ll allow that amiinA, because normal reasons, are typically a Weekender holdover (not always), they were just brought up, and it is also a day on which I feel like elevating something a little bit different via highly attenuated mechanisms, so bear with me and behold:

The dang case is a pop-up book that holds the CD! And they’re remaining very true to their whole theme with it all!

Actually, while that’s cool, the best visual art is actually for their one-man:

Given how many times I’ve seen amiinA on pretty big stages with pretty elaborate light and video shows, I’m legitimately surprised that they’ve never had a one-man before. Good for them.

All of the songs on the single (which, three, come on) are going to be new, so this ain’t it, but I’m using this awesome live performance of the awesome “Valkyrie” as that previously referenced attenuated mechanism:

And here’s a bonus: