Your Homicidols Guide to Tokyo Idol Festival Online 2020

Attending the Tokyo Idol Festival has always been on my bucket list. The primary barrier for me had been, having grown up in the Sonoran desert, a complete lack of tolerance for the humidity levels of Odaiba during Japan’s late summer. Hope was kindled in my desert rat heart when it was announced that TIF 2020 would be held in October when the heat and humidity is much less gruesome. This hope was, of course, dashed completely by the COVID crisis. TIF organizer’s decision to deliver the festival entirely online for 2020 has generated a new kind of hope. This livestream format gives many of us foreigners the opportunity to check “Attended Tokyo Idol Festival” off our bucket lists, even if the accomplishment will have a COVID-shaped asterisk next to it.

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Everything That amiinA Does Exudes Pure Joy

My apologies to everybody — readers, contributors, hate mail-senders, idols, managers, producers, songwriters, videographers, promoters, wota, et al ad nauseum — for getting to the latest glorious track from the font of universal happiness that is amiinA several days late. But when I started to think about the song and everything around it, I had this incredible need to Say Things, and only just ran into a good chunk of time to do so, ergo.

This is “Caravan”. It’s the lead from amiinA’s upcoming second album, due on the 26th. Consider yourself blessed:

Also, the band is called THE CHERRY COKE$ and I could not love that more

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I Can’t Not Give This Love to amiinA

It was in diving into the info around the thing that I most want this year that I saw some (late) info on another release that should get people who are into good music excited — amiinA, the dynamic duo of epic fantasy dream pop art rock idols, are also putting out a new single. And while I’ll allow that amiinA, because normal reasons, are typically a Weekender holdover (not always), they were just brought up, and it is also a day on which I feel like elevating something a little bit different via highly attenuated mechanisms, so bear with me and behold:

The dang case is a pop-up book that holds the CD! And they’re remaining very true to their whole theme with it all!

Actually, while that’s cool, the best visual art is actually for their one-man: Continue reading

If Somebody Was Going to Do Bluegrass Idol, It May as Well Have Been amiinA

“Oh neat, amiinA has some new MVs!” I said to myself very late last night. “I bet I’ll enjoy them. I am unlikely to post about them, however!” quoth I as I tapped out a note to follow up. “Their music is lovely, but not really something to feature often.”

I mean, I run this whole rock sound thing, right? Except on Sunday, which I like to use as an excuse to show off things like HAMIDASYSTEM (mostly HAMIDASYSTEM), making space for more EDM and softer sounds in the service of that whole get-Western-people-who-like-loud-music-to-like-idols thing. Well, it’s Sunday, but … no, this is so off the chain that I couldn’t resist:

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