Everything That amiinA Does Exudes Pure Joy

My apologies to everybody — readers, contributors, hate mail-senders, idols, managers, producers, songwriters, videographers, promoters, wota, et al ad nauseum — for getting to the latest glorious track from the font of universal happiness that is amiinA several days late. But when I started to think about the song and everything around it, I had this incredible need to Say Things, and only just ran into a good chunk of time to do so, ergo.

This is “Caravan”. It’s the lead from amiinA’s upcoming second album, due on the 26th. Consider yourself blessed:

Also, the band is called THE CHERRY COKE$ and I could not love that more

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I Can’t Not Give This Love to amiinA

It was in diving into the info around the thing that I most want this year that I saw some (late) info on another release that should get people who are into good music excited — amiinA, the dynamic duo of epic fantasy dream pop art rock idols, are also putting out a new single. And while I’ll allow that amiinA, because normal reasons, are typically a Weekender holdover (not always), they were just brought up, and it is also a day on which I feel like elevating something a little bit different via highly attenuated mechanisms, so bear with me and behold:

The dang case is a pop-up book that holds the CD! And they’re remaining very true to their whole theme with it all!

Actually, while that’s cool, the best visual art is actually for their one-man: Continue reading

If Somebody Was Going to Do Bluegrass Idol, It May as Well Have Been amiinA

“Oh neat, amiinA has some new MVs!” I said to myself very late last night. “I bet I’ll enjoy them. I am unlikely to post about them, however!” quoth I as I tapped out a note to follow up. “Their music is lovely, but not really something to feature often.”

I mean, I run this whole rock sound thing, right? Except on Sunday, which I like to use as an excuse to show off things like HAMIDASYSTEM (mostly HAMIDASYSTEM), making space for more EDM and softer sounds in the service of that whole get-Western-people-who-like-loud-music-to-like-idols thing. Well, it’s Sunday, but … no, this is so off the chain that I couldn’t resist:

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