If Somebody Was Going to Do Bluegrass Idol, It May as Well Have Been amiinA

“Oh neat, amiinA has some new MVs!” I said to myself very late last night. “I bet I’ll enjoy them. I am unlikely to post about them, however!” quoth I as I tapped out a note to follow up. “Their music is lovely, but not really something to feature often.”

I mean, I run this whole rock sound thing, right? Except on Sunday, which I like to use as an excuse to show off things like HAMIDASYSTEM (mostly HAMIDASYSTEM), making space for more EDM and softer sounds in the service of that whole get-Western-people-who-like-loud-music-to-like-idols thing. Well, it’s Sunday, but … no, this is so off the chain that I couldn’t resist:

I am as aware as anybody that “Callin'” isn’t a bluegrass song per se, but, like, when you write a ton of bluegrass into the instrumentation of your song, the shoe fits, you know? And that’s often what makes idol so attractive to not-Japanese people in the first place, that insistence on laughing in the face of genre constraints and using whatever sounds good. In this case, bass and fiddle and a foot-stompin’ beat in the chorus should sound very familiar to a lot of folks. Me, I’m just upset that they didn’t try to include a banjo.

There are additional versions of the MV, including an (of course) animated version that’s quite lovely:

There are idols that do lots of great work, and then there are the amiinAs of the world that seem to do nothing but touch gold.