Minna no Kodomo-chan Is Ready to Break Out

Underdog Corenament victors Minna no Kodomo-chan seem hell-bent on becoming more than just another cool project littering the Shibuya scene. Their first full-length album, World Without Walls (Kabe no nai sekai), is coming in May. There’s nothing to hold on to just yet, but oh man, the cover art alone is filling me with dreadticipation:

And those photos!

The album, in three editions of course, is going to be accompanied with three months’ worth of one-mans:

This matters! Multiple one-mans in a relatively short period of time is usually a sign of prosperity and move-making. As the article linked above notes, their band-supported one-man a few months ago was good, yes, but also well-attended, and manager-san I’m sure felt that it was time to take this uniquely loud kawaii-morbid project to the next level. Honoka and Cinnamon, they certainly look ready.

I really do recommend that you get acquainted with them. Their Spotify channel is a great place to start!