Consider These Gyu-no Fes Highlights

Haven’t done one of these in a while! In an earlier era, it was commonplace ’round these parts to do video digests from big events — TIF in particular, but @JAM and Idol Koushien and things too — to help folks get better acquainted with names that they may have encountered, or expose theretofore unknown idols to new audiences — and I got away from it because it increasingly seemed like people were coming in with a little more knowledge and a lot more of an idea of what they’re looking for.

Nonetheless, partly because Gyu-no Fes was the first big idol event that I encountered in the first few months of, and partly because I’ve always appreciated it, and even more partly because it’s just really good and cool, here’s a whole mess of video from over the weekend:

Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Plus new “Louvre no sora” at 10:58 or so



Koutei Camera Girl Drei



Maison Book Girl

sora tob sakana

Philosophy no Dance



Kaishin no Ichigeki



le biglemoi




I don’t think that’s exhaustive, but it’s a pretty good list of stuff! If you see names that you aren’t familiar with, consider them a good chance to learn more.

5 thoughts on “Consider These Gyu-no Fes Highlights

  1. My absolutely favorite place for seeing idols.

    4-6 stages very close together, the only real downside to it is that the meet and greet area is in really cramped.

    Many good memories, I saw Yanakoto Sotto Mute there before they even released their first cd and got a cheki with Nadeshiko, also saw Alloy back in their original lineup – Momoko is the last of the original and she’s graduating at the end of May 🙁

    Also one bad memory, I fell on my face and went to the hospital, stay away from Strong Zero.

  2. I take my eye off Migma Shelter for one second and my damn oshi graduates. This was after I already had to hot-switch when Yoneko (everyone’s oshi) left us for weirder pastures. Should I default to Popopopo, thus dooming her career?

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