Kerrie’s Adventures in Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon #1

How do I introduce someone who really doesn’t need an introduction? Not just because she’s one of the biggest forebears of the alt-idol movement, but also because, well, we’ve covered her on this site so many times that is there really any point?

Anyway, you all know by now that Pour Lui has been luring her merry band of ex-BiS groupmates into her YouTube dungeon to make videos, and Maniac said “Oi Kerrie, write about this!” and I said “But I’m boring and I don’t even understand Japanese!” and he said “Make it work or else I’m revoking your Watanabe meme privileges” and I was like “Ok, I guess I can just watch it and blindly guess what’s happening”

So presenting, this past week (and a bit) in BYS!

Episode 1: April Fool

Haha, nice one Puu, all your jokes about being a Youtuber after graduating and you finally did it, on April Fools day, of course. Let’s watch this then. I see she found the crying baby sound effects. And MS Paint! Wait, what the hell?? Is she okay? Has she been kidnapped? Is she in someone’s basement? Shouldn’t this be on the deep web? Is that Megumi? And Uipon! Oh my goodness, all of Final-era BiS (minus Saki, who was probably taking Momoland to the movies or something) are enacting their revenge!

Episode 2: Pero Pero Chew Chew

Wait, you mean that wasn’t an April Fools prank? Also Puu learns how to make YouTube Poops. Or YouTube Puu-ps. 

Episode 3: Go To Cola

The BiS OG (still no Saki, who was now in line to buy Momoland the Happy Meal she promised) escaped the YouTube Dungeon and have fled to the woods. Alas, Pour Lui was well aware of their ill-fated escape plans and chased them down with cola bottles screaming “Unless one of you finds a dead body I can exploit, you’re not going anywhere!” and forced them to become living cola fountains while Nozomi asked questions!

Episode 4: Rubberband Girl

With the fates of the other three girls left uncertain, Pour Lui dragged Megumi back to the dungeon and prompted her with a cunning, Saw-esque puzzle; “If you escape the grasp of my rubberband trap, I’ll let you go.” Because Puu isn’t a complete sadist, she also gets in on the action. She would soon regret that decision.

Episode 5: Let’s Bitchy!

First Summer Uika, suffering from a devastating case of Stockholm Syndrome, joins the side of her former captor and schemes their next cunning plan; to become total bitches. Whether that means the Regina George kind of bitch or the apparent Japanese interpretation of “bitchy” (aka “Too Hot For TV”) is uncertain. After all, with Pour Lui’s gaggle, it could go either way.

Episode 6: The Bitch Awakens

Puu and Uipon, or “Team Bitchy” as they will be known onwards, enlist another former captive, Michibayashi Rio, onto their team, as they hatch their first dirty deed; to seduce their YouTube rivals the Charisma Brothers and feast on the poor men like mermaids!

Episode 6.5: Their Story

A special side-episode featured on the Charisma Brothers’ channel, a more in-depth analysis of the Team Bitchy seduction plan, featuring drinking games and romance?

Episode 7: Blue Hair Don’t Care

Megumi is still being held captive inside the dungeon (and dyed her hair off-screen), where Pour Lui forces her to listen to the official BYS theme song.

Episode 8: Banana Fish

Pour Lui attempts to eat a banana while re-enacting the album art for McFly’s Motion In The Ocean.

To Be Continued…

And that’s it for this week (and a half) of the BYS Youtube Channel!

Will Megumi ever escape the dungeon? Will Saki get a second date with Momoland? What exactly do they mean by “bitchy”? Find out next week! Or you could just go down the sensible route and subscribe.

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