I Can’t Believe This ‘I kill’ Live Video Is Real

DEEP GIRL, you’re on some kind of bender. First your eponymous song, now this.

I am super disappointed that Non doesn’t do that big-ass scream live

What’s interesting is that “I kill,’ which is pretty good in its own right, is suddenly standing on its own rather than being paired with the first real (and still among the leaders) contender for MV of the Year. And I definitely didn’t expect to see the song performed the way it is.

On the bright side, I think they’re now officially out of songs to do as live videos, which means they’re one step closer to producing new music! with original videos!

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe This ‘I kill’ Live Video Is Real

    • Na dude, this is like, the new trend in idol.They like,encourage their fans to be as silent as possible so as to hear every note of awesomeness.LOLZ
      Who needs all that stupid chanting and crowd noise anyway.

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