Fine, I’m Including UP UP GIRLS Already

You people have been pushing me on UP UP GIRLS for a while, and I made a note to relent on of these days. I’m like, it’s Hump Day, and we could probably all use a pick-me-up, and OH LOOK they just so happened to have released a new video!

I’d give credit to somebody for drawing my attention here, but all of Twitter was about this video yesterday

Damn, there’s a lot happening in that song! Even without the video!

Truth be told, UP UP GIRLS (Twitter) have been on my radar for a good while; they’re one of the groups that come up in idle idol conversations when you start talking about rock idols, as they’re affiliated with the no-joke Hello! Project and have a lineage going all the way back to like 2011 and stuff. So old!

I would not, however, have included them without PERSISTENT PRESSURE from you people, largely because (self-criticism: I am prone to stupid bias) the name reminded me of the Get Up Kids, who I saw once at some weird festival thing when all I really wanted was to see Fear Factory (I think) and I was like, who are these goobers.

Anyway, you’re hear for idols, not 15-years-too-late musings on the events of my life, and idols you shall have. I encourage you to look into UP UP GIRLS a little yourself, because they’re pretty interesting (from a career standpoint) and less likely for me to follow religiously unless they do more songs like “!!!!!!!!” up there. Their thing seems to be to do interesting takes on other popular styles, like denpa:

And inoffensive idorock kinds of stuff, like the unfortunately named “YOLO”:

That the acronym wasn’t stillborn is itself a crime; that it lasted unironically for years should land Drake in the Hague

And kinda trippy alt-pop offerings like “Bare Bare I Love You”:

Anyway! I let YouTube take me down a little UP UP GIRLS journey while putting this together, and, because I tend to enjoy not-completely-vanilla idol stuff in general, I found plenty to like. Just brace yourself: There is literally nothing else on this site quite like UP UP GIRLS.

2 thoughts on “Fine, I’m Including UP UP GIRLS Already

  1. I’m glad you checked out Up Up Girls, they aren’t alt-idol per say, but they have some interesting songs that are definitely not normal idol stuff. And they’re very underappreciated by western fans. You’d think H!P fans would listen to them since they’re practically in the same company, but most don’t because they aren’t in H!P (and most H!P fans only listen to H!P artists and nothing else) and because they’re still indies after 20+ singles. They are doing fairly well in Japan for a group that’s part of a company that barely promotes their artists.

  2. Yes, finally they made it I’m happy to see Up Up Girls being featured here. They are just so good, fun and hard working. I hope their Budokan live next month will be a success.

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