DEEP GIRL Just Published a Live Video for Their Title Track

Hot off of hosting DEVIL GUN’s debut (and like everybody else in the same waters), DEEP GIRL went ahead and figured they’d release an updated official video for “DEEP GIRL,” presumably to have a new canon (NOT KANON DAMMIT!) version that takes the actual membership into account.

Admit it, you kind of wish you could be there for it

The nice thing about this, though? Remember just a few months ago, when it looked like they were sleep-walking through their shows and none of the fans cared all that much and they basically did this song and “i kill” and MCed until their time was up? Those days are done.

At this point, they’ll probably release their demo as a live video in the next few weeks, and then live from their big one-man in December, and then … well, they’ll do new original stuff eventually. Eventually. Right?

Happy Friday.

2 thoughts on “DEEP GIRL Just Published a Live Video for Their Title Track

  1. I was lucky enough to see Deep Girl twice in Tokyo a few weeks back. At the second show some very nice guy came up to me, complemented my Perfume t-shirt and went off and came back with the two Deep Girl singles and said I could have them. Thing was I just brought them a few hours earlier in Akihabara. I gratefully declined, but it was just an example of how cool and friendly the Japanese are to the visiting westerners and what a cool scene it is over there.

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