I Am Late to Things: The Bubbly World of Miracle Toybox

You know, not everything on here has to be bleak and/or angry and/or bloody and/or etc. Sometimes, what you’re really looking for a ton of energy, rapid-fire rhythms and a dose of happiness.

I had been seeing Shinohara Yuri mentioned in different lists for a while, and had seen Miracle Toybox in some of those same places and a few others as well, and never did the math until I decided that this is a slow week and it’s worth taking a few minutes to look into something new.


Pop punk meets swing comes just short of meeting doo-wop?

Chiptune has a violent run-in with riffs that got drunk and woke up in the wrong bed?

Anyway, this is a lot of fun and a nice change of pace. Yuri literally sounds like she’s dancing in front of an animated Lite Brite wall. Check out her Soundcloud channel for a deeper dive, and here’s her website and Twitter.


4 thoughts on “I Am Late to Things: The Bubbly World of Miracle Toybox

  1. It’s so…happy…in such a good way. True story: These songs got me out of the 2:30pm-slump at work today. Good find.

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