Adopt-An-Idol Update: For Real This Time

When last we left #AdoptAnIdol, our young friends in Poroporo Baroque were just getting their feet wet, having a small performance despite not yet having an official debut. In fact, they’re still assembling. And because there wasn’t much to use, I decided to call a hiatus to our pilot and reboot after some consideration.

Poro2Baro Update

All three members are now on Twitter, if you’d like to keep up:

  • @HONoo_pb
  • @ulala_pb
  • @setunai_pb

We can always come back to them. Someday.

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that we might have some decent candidates to take up. The original intent was to adopt somebody who was basically brand new, but such idols would probably be difficult to keep up with because it can takes months between groups debuting new songs, let alone official recordings and videos and stuff.

So, instead, what about groups that have been around for a little while and haven’t really caught on, or are kind of new but relatively prolific, or are sort of destined for perpetual underground status in Japan but could be turned into a thing abroad thanks to the magic of technology, a la Mr. Big in reverse 25 years later?

Like, I think in just the last few weeks, between Yandoll and Splash! and Cure and Under Beasty and BDS and Koiwaka and so on, we have some under-the-radar idols who are cool and could be fun to try to build up. Or maybe I’m drunk. IT’S POSSIBLE.

I’m just tossing this out to everybody. This poll is basically an internal thing, and I’m allowing multiple entries, including write-ins. State your case for supporting whoever you support in the comments; if you do write somebody in, please likewise further that nomination in the comments. Say who, why and/or why not. I’m very interested in the pros and cons. I can’t even say that there’s a good arbitrary limit to put on someone’s existing popularity (and you know that I’d do anything for Yukuetsurezure). AND that gives us something to argue about.

Also note: There’s a “this is stupid, Maniac” option. I JUST TRY TO HAVE FUN FOR ALL OF US OKAY.

18 thoughts on “Adopt-An-Idol Update: For Real This Time

  1. But won’t you just love’em and leave’em like for that other group? Why not just triumph a group you genuinely love rather than try and force it for a group you barely know?

  2. Kuronekonoyuutsu? Crap! I thought they were my guilty little secret.

    They ditched kawaii for cool and I, for one, wholeheartedly approve. Who else would do a video promo that’s just them sitting there fishing? Or the dramatic follow-up where they eat donuts while checking their phones? They have this whole, “Idols? Oh right. Whatever…” vibe that I find irresistible.

  3. I put in Under Beasty. I really think they have good potential: their dancing is on-point, the tunes are rocky and catchy, they are VERY active with shows and on the internet, and they already have two singles, which shows they mean to stick around.
    They might be a little too big in your eyes to be a candidate, and if that is the case let me know and I’ll recast my vote, but I think efforts promoting them will be well received and appreciated by the members, and those efforts won’t go to waste.

  4. Bokura no Oyugi without a single hesitation. This is the maddest thing I heard in years (I know, I should watch/listen to more and more and more, but sorry I have no time enough for that), and I love their looks. 1st choice for sure.

    By the way, I can vote for other groups too, can’t I ? So…

  5. I want to adopt Homicidol Maniac. I may be 78 yrs old, but I’m rich as hell and he will be well taken care of I can assure you.

  6. No bowel control??? My dear, we have so much in common. After we change each others diapers, we shall board my private jet bound for Japan, wherein my vast wealth and access will allow us backstage, private meet and greets with all your favorite idols. Whaddya say young feller?

      • So many idols, so little time. Disappointed. Maybe I could put my leash around the neck of that Jaxson character that floats around these parts. Seems like a fun guy with too much free time on his hands. Perhaps he could give these old bones a rattle. Hmmmmmmmm?

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