GodDAMN But I Love ayumikurikamaki

Enough with the disclaimers. Ayukuma rock too much and are too awesome and are in fact better than me at life. Courtesy of the clever video hounds at Idol 2.0:

It’s not just an ironic name!

Use this video to introduce people to idols, especially rock and metal idols. You see how they’re dressed as cuddly headbanging basketball bear schoolgirls and two-stepping to harder dance-friendly rock ‘n’ roll than roughly 99 percent of what you can hear on the radio these days?

That’s what idols do. Your life will be better for having included them in it.

Go find more Ayukuma and hate their management for not making the video available.

2 thoughts on “GodDAMN But I Love ayumikurikamaki

  1. If they meet the guidelines, these girls deserve a profile here. I mean, too many bands do, but these girls should be added to the list.

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