Is This a New Yurimaru Track?

Update: Jordan with the info!

You guys who are bigger fans of Hirano* Yuri than me (Jordan, I’m looking in your direction), help me out. She added this rocking little corker to Soundcloud last night, and I don’t recall having heard it before, but that apparently doesn’t mean anything because I miss lots of stuff:

I mean, I don’t even have an analog for that much bounce. Supergrass, but with the singer from Letters to Cleo? No idea. Continue reading

It’s a Beautiful World When Yurimaru’s Making Stuff

Here’s a nice way to kick off Friday — Yurimaru, only like the bubbliest little solo rock idol when she feels like it and also does lots of other stuff, has a DVD coming out at the end of the month.

The trailer:

Good catch, Jordan!

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I Am Late to Things: The Bubbly World of Miracle Toybox

You know, not everything on here has to be bleak and/or angry and/or bloody and/or etc. Sometimes, what you’re really looking for a ton of energy, rapid-fire rhythms and a dose of happiness.

I had been seeing Shinohara Yuri mentioned in different lists for a while, and had seen Miracle Toybox in some of those same places and a few others as well, and never did the math until I decided that this is a slow week and it’s worth taking a few minutes to look into something new.


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