Oh Hell Yes, Let’s Get Weird and Enjoy Some Sunfairies

OMG you guys, do you remember the e-sports idols Sunfairies? Maybe! I saw some of their members very Twitter-active suddenly and thought I’d look up the reason and … they have a new song! And it’s good!

What a lot of quality song elements you have in there, Sunfairies! I’m more accustomed to your epic kind of idorock thing that one might expect out of the Shibuya PRs of the world, and you were like “naw here’s some good aggro percussion and stuff.” And I have to admit, I love that there’s an e-sports team that’s also idols, and they make electronic music that can get a little bit heavy. And they’re called Sunfairies. That just puts a lot of shine on the back half of the week, no?

Now what’s Miracle Toybox up to?

2 thoughts on “Oh Hell Yes, Let’s Get Weird and Enjoy Some Sunfairies

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  2. This is the only other place I’ve ever heard of SunFairies… I was reviewing my list of idol shows I went to last Japan trip and had noted SunFairies down (they performed just before a group I wanted to see), and I remember them being quite good, but that was the only place I’d ever heard of them until now, seeing this post…

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