NEXT Shoujo Jiken Has Pro-shot Live Video (of a New Song?) UPDATED

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’d kind of expected something video-y from Maihime / NEXT Shoujo Jiken soon. She’s been performing a lot recently, and I’m about 75 percent sure that I saw something about auditions for new permanent member/s to get stabbed on stage join the formerly most violent project in idol.

Still, this is really good to see. For folks who know NEXT better: New song? Or just one that I don’t know?

I also recently learned that Mai’s been performing with Shinohara Yuri as her on-stage sidekick from time to time. Yes, the Up With People! vibe of Miracle Toybox voluntarily joined a serial killer.

UPDATE: See Jul’s in the comments: A fan-cam splice of an old song, actually. OH WELL. Just glad that Mai’s still at it enough for them to want to put out any official video, period.

UPDATE 2: Witness the true face of evil:

This collaboration involves a third person. I feel that the sweet-o-meter is dangerously close to blowing.

And of course Mai would be the one to jam the dirty rag into the exhaust pipe to make sure it blows.

4 thoughts on “NEXT Shoujo Jiken Has Pro-shot Live Video (of a New Song?) UPDATED

  1. Really want to hear more from this girl/group just wonder how much of the unclean vocals is actually her and how much is a backtrack, only person I’ve seen competently doit regularly is yuna from passcode.

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