I Admit Things: I Actually Like Ladybaby’s New Song IMMEDIATELY UPDATED: Both Songs!

Have a listen:


I’ve been (and been given crap about it) hard on Ladybaby in the past. I have them here on the site because they do have fans and they do have some crossover appeal to some Westerners and it’s hard to build a bridge between worlds if you’re ignoring the HOV lane, tolls and all, and I did promise like once to be at least somewhat objective, but I’ll be forthright in saying that I am not a fan of Ladybaby’s music and I see a lot of ugliness around them, and feeling like they’re all pretty solid people doesn’t mitigate those things. Also, death pop.

That being said, this song! Are you familiar with Lawnmower Deth? Not Napalm Death — Lawnmower Deth. I said Spinal Tap on Twitter, but this is so much more in Lawnmower Deth’s wheelhouse. “Let’s do a brutal song about food.” Oh, and give it an idol chorus. Great.

You win this round, Ladybaby. And just in time, too, because you’re going to be in the DEATH POP DEATHMATCH against Deathrabbits for the right to enter the 2016 Homicidols Corenament!

UPDATE: And hell, they put out TWO videos.

Am I crazy to think that this one’s even better?

9 thoughts on “I Admit Things: I Actually Like Ladybaby’s New Song IMMEDIATELY UPDATED: Both Songs!

  1. ROTFLOL— I am laughing with you… As repulsed as I am by Ladybeard (he seems like a really sweet guy) This group is in a groove and the songs keep coming. I have enjoyed everything they have done except the Bside to Nippon Manju

  2. In my opinion, this is taking the genre backwards a step or two,meaning , it seems that the girls are secondary. I am drawn to the idol-metal scene because it’s heavy music WITHOUT some dude screaming at me,besides, didn’t this guy already have a band somewhere? But hey, I’m just an old metal guy from the eighties and I’ve heard the screaming metal thing for 30 years, been there , done that.On a lighter note, they better hold on tight, for I see a giant tsunami named Babymetal heading their way in the next two weeks, and hopefully wash them out to sea, never to be heard from again.(I know, bad pun) I’m voting for Deathrabbits, at least Bucho is Japanese.

    • I actually wonder if the industry isn’t generally aware of what everybody else is doing, and their management released these videos together to get out in front of “KARATE.” If so, then “KARATE” is probably imminent. But I thought that last week, too, for SXSW, and it never happened. Kobametal is a sly fox dog.

      • A few weeks ago,as I was looking at upcoming releases, wondering who might have the misfortune of releasing their latest on or near the 1st of April, I noticed these 2 songs were scheduled for April 13th &15th. Yes, you’re correct, they are definitely attempting to get out in front of Babymetal. Let’s be realistic, the day “Karate” drops, not only will video sites feel the impact, but every site like Blabbermouth, Metal Hammer, etc. will be inundated with traffic.

  3. I just caught the part on Lawnmower Deth 🙂 I havent heard “Ooh Crikey It’s… Lawnmower Deth” in years….. I was thinking it was more of an Anal Cunt type of song- “The Word ‘Homophobic’ Is Gay” “Body by Auschwitz” “Bench pressing the effects on Kevin Sharps vocals” lol lol lol in any case great reference !

    • OMG thank you so much for actually getting that reference (and correcting my spelling – it’s been a while)! I used to sit and just crank “Crikey” on repeat, much to the annoyance of my roommates. But yeah, AC is also totally on point. Goddamn, what a disastrous band. I enjoy when a band just throws all reason and caution to the wind and plays as loud and fast as humanly possible while screaming about whatever offensive notion pops into their heads.

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