How About a Little Alt-Idol Skacore to End Your Night?

This is XYZ-Party, who I started to notice on Twitter a little while back and then wound up on somebody’s Facebook page, and I’ve had them in my back pocket for a while as somebody to follow up on.

Here are their two we-booked-a-stage-for-this video recordings:

A good skacore song sounds like the most triumphant thing ever.

That’s great! I wish there were more to listen to! They’re also on Soundcloud with like no detail.

All I know for sure is that we all need more idols doing skacore, and that these idols doing skacore are some kind of relation to the Guso Drop family, much like our Adopt-An-Idols, PoroPoro Baroque.

If anybody knows more, please share!

8 thoughts on “How About a Little Alt-Idol Skacore to End Your Night?

  1. Enjoyed the first clip, It’s Ska-waii. Reminds me of an older Alice#10 track, “Fusion Girl”, complete with horn section. If you’ve never heard it , it’s definitely worth a listen. We called it “Skawaii Thrash”.

  2. I had the chance to see them twice during multiple bands events these past weeks. They are highly motivated so their performance are pretty fun to watch. They also have a thirx song that I can manage to find on the internet that got a pretty fun call. Something like ” Everyday party night,/ Let’s go party tonight” if my memories are exact.

    ( I also had the chance to get flyers from porobaro themselves in one of these events)

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