Idols Be Bad: Tsukino Moa’s Hell Bass

Here at, we like to celebrate the musical side of the alt-idol world. Sure, some of our favorites are occasionally (often!) photographed in a few well-placed handkerchiefs, but we look past that to the thundering grindcore that they produce with the rest of their time.

One such instance is Tsukino Moa, prominent member of the Alice Project‘s Armor Girls and, by extension, Kamen Joshi (who are ready to go in the 2016 Homicidols Corenament!). Moa is known for three things — being tiny, being a model, and being a kick-ass bassist.

It has been pointed out before that idols are often sneaky-talented and worth a lot more respect than they get, and Moa’s a great example. I’ll let reader Jaxson explain:

Moa Tsukino from Kamen Joshi, receives the first prototype of the ESP/Edwards E-FR-MOA Custom Bass Guitar, joining Syu of Galneryus and Kaoru and Toshiya of Dir En Grey on the ESP artist roster. Even if your not a fan, that’s a pretty big deal for an idol.

Guitar makers don’t just hand over custom designs to nobodies, even in Japan, where an idol holding your axe is a good way to sell a lot of them. Moa got some respect.

Hell, just look at this thing!

Tsukino Moa inspires my own bass work. Not so much because I admire the way she plays, which is fine, but because if a person who’s literally half my size can handle that hog, I should be able to, too.

7 thoughts on “Idols Be Bad: Tsukino Moa’s Hell Bass

  1. I had a suspicion you were a fellow musician, if your familiar with that brand, you’ll know that those are some high end pieces of gear. Not sure if it’s a one-off model, but I would love to get my hands on one, (the guitar, not Moa……………….well…………………………..maybe……………………..both (;_;)even though bass is not my primary instrument Rock On

    • I have this problem where my head and right hand know what they want to do, but my left hand is a bumbling mess. That’s what I get for listening to a lot of Billy Gould and Dave Blood for inspiration.

      • Go for the F.Chopper Koga technique. Her left hand is somewhat linear,mostly working the octaves, but she has mastered the right hand pop&slap. Rock On

          • I can’t play that style either, as a lead guitarist, I go for the John Myung style, lots of scale runs and hammer-ons.Been chasing those Dream Theater and Symphony X guys since the early nineties. How the hell did I get to Japanese Idol-Metal? Only the fox god knows.

  2. A little tidbit of info I just learned,via a newly translated video,about the charming, young Tsukino Moa. She holds a black belt in Karate. None more badass.

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