Ladybaby Will Continue to Amuse Some, Oppress Me

Because I’ve promised to at least pretend to have some objectivity on this site, I was actually looking for a snip of video that I spied earlier on Twitter when … hey! Ladybaby has a third single coming out (April 13) before their first Japanese “one-man live” (April 15). (I think it’s their first; correct me if I’m wrong.)

this is ordinarily where I’d post a photo or video or something, but look at the header image, which I stole from Twitter

I’m sure that this is great news for all of you weirdos who are all “yay, death pop.” Or maybe “Renge Chance” will actually be a good song and then I can be like, “Hey, remember that one Ladybaby song that was pretty good?” and not feel like I’m just awkwardly trying to start a conversation with a person that I’m meeting for the first time. “I’ll go get us more beers!” You know, one of those kinds of interactions.


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