What Do I Have to Do to Avoid Ladybaby Forever?

Pretty much my least favorite thing to have to deal with that deal with I must because there’s just enough of you people who like and encourage them that they probably aren’t going to just up and go away despite all of my prayers, Ladybaby, just dropped the video for … is this the second single?

I do a bit of snake-oil work on this site; I don’t actually love all of the things that I at least try to get excited about. I am, however, at the very least somewhat objective and, when the enthusiasm is genuine, I try to let that shine through so other people can be excited, too.

That being said, I want Ladybaby to fall into an active volcano.

Just like on their profile, honestly, it isn’t personal; Ladybeard seems like a very cool person, and Rei and Rie look like they’re having fun, and there’s a certain mindless fun to “Nippon Manjyu.” I just can’t with this.

Part of it is, yes, your friendly neighborhood Homicidol Maniac just doesn’t care much for death pop. But FFS, I never EVER stop a track before listening all the way through it at least once, and I still can’t get past 1:50 of this even on the fourth try.

Anyway, if you’re a Ladybaby person, knock yourself out. If you’re like me and prefer to like things that are good and not bad, there are currently fancams of the two new Babymetal songs from Yokohama up on Reddit.