Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Armor Girls … Easter Girls!

Man, I love dropping the ball on my own website. So satisfying! Here’s an example: The English-speaking world’s foremost ambassador for the Alice Project, Char T Saki, contributed this … in November. You may note that it is now January.

Bless Char T Saki for the forbearance necessary to try me again much more recently, and feast your ears on this:

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This Is a Maboroshi Karen GeNE Check-in Post

Somebody was passing around some Cute Gene video the other day (PIH? The Viz?) in a way that I made a note of it and immediately went back to business, only to then remember that I’d seen something days earlier and had no idea where to go, so then the only choice left is to go to the most immediate source there is, that being the subject itself.


Anyway, this was the original topic of conversation:

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Snowdrop Is Live and I’m Down with It

This is one that I’d been meaning to come back to for a while, gang, mostly because I have a bit of a fascination with the solo ska idol project Like, Hate, Love, which means that I’m taken with the idea of her new sister unit, Snowdrop.

They debuted … like a week and change ago? But they’re doing gigs, which is the main thing, and are adding video to YouTube, which is a smart thing, so we actually know what they’re like on stage:

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Update from the Front Lines of Ska Idol

This is pretty awesome: In addition to the dope solo skadol project Like, Hate, Love, the … well, the Ska Idol Project has launched a sister group, Snowdrop.

This appears to be what they sound like:

There’s ska, then there’s ska-core, and then there’s … that

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So Is BUNNY KISS Imploding or Something?

Warning: This post contains higher levels of better-informed speculation than almost anything ever. But it’s a weird story! And still with lots of unknowns! But it’s worth getting some info.

First things first: Remember BUNNY KISS? That was fun. We should do more ska.

So Patrick of Idolmetal group fame reached out the other day with some interesting info — it seems like Carua, one half of BUNNY KISS, tweeted out an I Quit statement on Friday.

If you can Japanese and can fill in some of the blanks, please do!

The crux of the matter is that she alleges abuse by management, and she’s not going to take it anymore. For what it’s worth, she hasn’t tweeted since; also for what it’s worth, she also tweeted out a bunch of idol-obligatory photos and performance updates on the same day; even more for what it’s worth, Carua is normally pretty Twitter-active.

On Saturday, BUNNY KISS’s live went on as planned, with Carua’s performance partner, Kanna, rolling solo:

Reminds me of when this happened

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I’m Mostly Taking the Rest of the Weekend Off

For the sake of family and sanity, fine people, the rest of the weekend is going to be a restful one for me. Remember to work up your #IdolNightmare entries and get ’em into the thread, and of course check out the bands post if you got the skills and the desire to make heavy-ass idol music with a collection of your peers.

Because you’re fine people, here’s a BUNNY KISS live:

Nominations are still open, too, but we’re going to start making some preliminary decisions this week, so please make sure to get your suggestions official-like.

Yes, Friends, Idol and Ska Can and Do Mix

We’ve all heard idol groups mess around with ska before, from Hauptharmonie going hard with it to BiSH managing to sound almost like Operation Ivy for a second. So of course it there’s at least one legitimate ska idol project:

The idol’s name is Miyu, and the project is fittingly called … wait for it … SKA iDOL-PROJECT. Continue reading

It Was Getting to Be Time for Some More Ska, Anyway, Hauptharmonie

I actually am human, and therefore occasionally susceptible to human things like illness, and I am feeling quite unpleasant these last several days. So thank you so much, Hauptharmonie, for injecting this little ball of energy into my morning.

Japanese circle pits are weird.

When your entire head and face and chest want to explode, sometimes the only solution is to skank it up!

How About a Little Alt-Idol Skacore to End Your Night?

This is XYZ-Party, who I started to notice on Twitter a little while back and then wound up on somebody’s Facebook page, and I’ve had them in my back pocket for a while as somebody to follow up on.

Here are their two we-booked-a-stage-for-this video recordings:

A good skacore song sounds like the most triumphant thing ever.

That’s great! I wish there were more to listen to! They’re also on Soundcloud with like no detail.

All I know for sure is that we all need more idols doing skacore, and that these idols doing skacore are some kind of relation to the Guso Drop family, much like our Adopt-An-Idols, PoroPoro Baroque.

If anybody knows more, please share!