2016 Homicidols Corenament: DEATH POP DEATHMATCH

Congratulations to Deathrabbits!

The final-final stage of setting our bracket is determining the winner of our equivalent of a play-in game. Death pop, with its very narrow set of idol groups, turned out to be the perfect candidate. So who’s it gonna be, LADYBABY or DEATHRABBITS?

We’re doing this one a little bit differently than the other polls. This is head-to-head, who do you like more, purely on the basis of music. You can see their place on the 2016 Homicidols Corenament bracket: The winner goes into this week’s opening-round matchup against idol-denpa-poison-yami-kawaii-core Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da.

And rather than be a one-on-one, song-to-song competition like the other rounds of the Corenament, this is a three vs. three affair. BUT, if the winner of this head-to-head fails to get at least 25 votes, they’ll be replaced by Guso Drop, which may be a nice consolation prize for them, given the week they’re having.


Ladybaby is at a distinct advantage here, what with two brand-new kickin’ songs. But whatever. May the best mixed-gender group win!

17 thoughts on “2016 Homicidols Corenament: DEATH POP DEATHMATCH

  1. Ladybaby wins this for me hands down. I know Maniac has said some strong things about why he doesn’t like them, which I agree with, but musically they are superior in every way to Death Rabbits in my opinion. Ladybeard’s growls are more on-point, the dancing is better from Ladybaby (yes, I know DR is super super young with room to grow), and the songs are much catchier and sound better overall.

  2. Had to coin toss here as I really like both groups. I groove to both groups’ music and enjoy seeing both of them perform.
    In the end Bucho won.

        • One of their best songs!
          “Hirarira,¬†every¬†year, when the¬†cherry¬†blossom¬†is¬†blooming,¬†I¬†remember¬†you.
          For¬†10¬†years¬†or¬†for 100¬†years,¬†my¬†heart¬†clock¬†won’t¬†move.
          Loneliness has killed the rabbits, the tears from red eyes, sparkled,

  3. Emi! 
    Here, sir! 
    Here, sir! 
    Here, sir!

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