GANG PARADE Just Dropped a Video Filmed in the Back of My Brain

Oh my goodness. Oh my. This isn’t real. I’m hallucinating.

To continue to promote the GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!! album, and staying right in line with that out-of-nowhere barn burner from a couple of weeks ago (not to mention the tracks uploaded to Soundcloud), here’s what four-and-a-half minutes inside of my head on an average afternoon would look and sound like if you weren’t quickly suffocated by the brains that fill my head, rather than air to breathe!

This is what happens when we’re good enough and deserve nice things. This is the aesthetics of Fun Especia* with the music of very angry DJs and video production of very inebriated T-Palette interns. I love the intensity flipped against #Idolsthetic. They also look like they’re genuinely having a blast together. YuYu front and center is good for the soul. CoCo’s faces. Dancing skeletons. Please and thank you all over again twice.

Congratulations, GANG PARADE; you really are now officially the most musically interesting project in WACK world.

*Or, basically, what we thought that SiS was going to be; it only took a year!

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