The Friday Fun Has Become a Dank Meme

I’m writing this over a week in advance! Ain’t I good?

And speaking of good, what good causes did you all come up with in idoldom? Let’s see which #IdolFundraisers are worth donating a spare quid or two to.

When I was writing last week’s post, literally but a few mere hours ago, I was half-asleep and kept having this nagging feeling within me of “wasn’t there another idea I was going to use this week?” and now, at almost 1:00 a.m., I just remembered.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for vaporwave, both the music and the visuals, both ironically and unironically. I won’t go into details, but its seeped into my idol fandoms a few times. The first was when I took screencaps from the very 90s music video for Morning Musume’s famous “Love Machine”, added some stereotypical aesthetic trash onto it, posted it to Tumblr and waited to see if it would end up on a non-idol related aesthetic blog. Spoiler alert, it did.

Then, just last week, half-asleep, bored, and with nothing good to add to the discussion going on in the Alt-Idol Discord, I resorted to downloading a vaporwave photo editor and just going nuts with every new photo that got posted. This lasted for an astounding three images before I got bored of that too.

So, I’ve shown you my examples, now its your turn! There’s a few ways you can aesthetic-ize (for lack of a better word) whatever idol pics you come across:

  • There’s of course the old Photoshop method, and to speed up the process a little bit, here’s a handy folder of some appropriate graphics you can just slap on there as needed.
  • If you look online for glitch art and VHS photo editors, there will also be a few sites that can help you get the basic look down.
  • Finally, if you have a smartphone, I’d recommend downloading an app such as HAZE (Android), which was my tool of choice for the last three images; as for iOS users, I don’t really know, but a quick search brought me to VaporGlitch which looks pretty similar to HAZE. Maniac: Also, try using a real OS, you zombified cult of psychobabble worshipers!

I’m really looking forward to this one, so tweet your edits with the hashtag #Idolsthetic and make idol Twitter a little more dank this coming weekend.

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