So Exactly How High Can GANG PARADE Take Themselves?

Well after that little burst of excitement last week, GANG PARADE went and did one of my favorite things of theirs — they dumped a handful of tracks off of the new album titled in a way that I’ll be punning on it for years, onto Soundcloud, because apparently T-Palette is down with that kind of thing. If you were on the fence about whether to get the album*, may these additional previews sway you!

… and you know what’s kind of weird? I think it’s commonly accepted that GANG PARADE is WACK’s experimental unit. Not in the sense that they’re going to do a noise set with Hijokaidan or even go for graceful art pop like a certain ancillarily connected unit, but in the sense that they’re the unit that WACK tries things with first, or plays around with new sounds. Europop? Denpa song? Weak-ass “post-idol,” for lack of a better word? Whatever the hell you want to call “GANG PARADE”? So basically, it should never be a surprise that GANG PARADE’s doing a different sound with each significant release, or moving a successful style in a new direction.

In this case, I feel like what they were going with was “way more synth pop, but also violence.” Seeing as how those are two of my very favorite things, you can imagine my excitement!

BILLIE IDLE must be so mad!

Power pop was never better than in the 80s

Also, their eponymous theme (I guess), which we know well and I wish I’d have had more wherewithal to talk about last week, but now it’s on Soundcloud and you can send them some love by giving it a few additional downloads spins:

Update: All of these are actually available for free download from OTOTOY, which is much more legitimate than a Soundcloud ripper that I would never encourage anybody to install as a browser extension!

This was a weird post. Just listen to the dang songs. And to answer the question in the title, you can probably answer it yourself!

*Who are we kidding? You’re an idol fan. Of course you got it.

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