So This Is How GANG PARADE Takes Themselves Higher?

Well, first, shame the heck on me for completely forgetting about the GANG PARADE album that … I mean, I feel like I’ve been seeing references to it on an almost daily basis and it was still barely registering. Weird. But! Second, hey, did you know that GANG PARADE was putting out an album today? GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!

Usually that means either drugs or evolution or transcendence. Based on the MV (which, self-titled track?), which do you think?

On the one hand, with a few exceptions, this is the most interesting that GANG POPRADE has ever been (to me). Not because the song itself is a tremendous exposition of feelings via heavy or anything, but because it’s such a swerve. There’s even a scream! Wild. I’ve listened to the song twice and know that I’m going to have that beat and then that chorus charging around inside my head all day.

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, I’m reminded a lot of when Britney Spears did “Toxic”, or that thing that Taylor Swift just did. Like, are they doing it to get attention? Appeal to different fans? Just felt like a louder track? Watanabe got bored?

Damn, is this the GANG PARADE album that I’m going to need to actually buy so that I can listen to it with a mind on Deep Criticism? I don’t know how I feel about that. But it’s a fair shake better than “Beyond the Mountain,” so that’s fine.

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