It’s Our First Somewhat Detailed Look at Under Beasty’s New Single

Ah, Under Beasty, as good and pure and true as any rock idol act in the game, all bootstraps and try-hard until they got picked up by a real-deal agency, and … well, I guess things are roughly the same still, except now their outfits are a little sharper.

Anyway! They had teased their upcoming single a little while back, with the live debut and everything, but now there’s a teaser version of the MV to sink your teeth into:

… and it’s apparently swinging as all hell!

I definitely learned of this via Kayseur because I don’t follow UB nearly as closely as I used to, but this way it comes with the added bonus of actual details!

I get that Under Beasty isn’t going to magically, overnight turn into a Thing, but they’re so close. I almost wish they’d sell all the way out or something so Yua could be rewarded for all of her very literal hard work in getting this thing off the ground in the first place.