It’s a Mother-centric Match Game Special Feature!

I’m so sorry. Fate is literally making me do this. And also honor. Honor compels me!

For the record, “Mother” from Oyasumi Hologram is all well and good, and that video is simple and charming as hell in a way that would make just about anybody blush, but very few things in the entire history of rock music can fire me up in quite the way that Danzig’s EP version of the song does. YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, ANONYMOM!

Now, was this a stealthy way of bringing Oyasumi Hologram a little more front and center because this isn’t the kind of song from them that I’d normally want to feature? How dare you. Everybody knows that walking meme generator Glenn Danzig is no mere device!

5 thoughts on “It’s a Mother-centric Match Game Special Feature!

  1. Gonna go with OYSM despite my gratitude to Glenn for the hours of comedy gold he’s (unintentionally) given to me.

  2. The Misfits helped protected me from women all the way through highschool, but what has Danzig done for me LATELY? Gotta roll with OYSM.

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