Fruitpochette Teases Its Second Member, So Let’s Play a Game

First things first: Fruitpochette’s management released this teaser video last night:


A-ha! Now, some very smart people have commented that, if Shiori were to be receiving a new partner/s for Fruitpochette to be Fruitpochette, it would probably happen at TIF, and the announced EP lined up well with an expectation that TIF would be a big spot for the project. And here we are! Congratulate yourselves, smart people!

So who’s it gonna be? Our only real clue is that the other member also wears combat boots, and that they are larger combat boots than Shiori’s. That could immediately set off alarm bells about a certain somebody returning to action, but it’s worth pointing out that like 95 percent of the world’s population (probably) has larger feet than Shiori, who is a very small person.

Nonetheless, we here at are enormous fans of completely irresponsible rumor-mongering, so let’s just toss things at the wall and see what sticks:

2 thoughts on “Fruitpochette Teases Its Second Member, So Let’s Play a Game

  1. Man, this video excites me. I’m gonna go through the options as I see them

    Mina: Unlikely, her kidney problem is likely still ongoing (assuming it was a real thing and not an excuse for quitting, I don’t think it was but being cynical is fun) and she seems to already have a less high-pressure singing gig with one of her cosplaying mates and a couple of guys I don’t recognise. Also, I think her feet are smaller than that.

    Pikarin: She’s about the same size as Shiori and I’m not sure her voice would fit, though it would be a hell of an interesting combo. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s from either Osaka or Tokyo, both of which are a bit of a way from Ehime where Mad Magazine Records are based.

    Eren: Don’t know much about her, she’s a possibility.

    Kuriko: Another possibility, as far as I know she doesn’t have anything else going on right now. She is also from Tokyo though

    Hug Mii: Please don’t corrupt Shiori! Another Tokyo girl. Also relatively old, I’m not sure Mad Magazine would want to take on someone who’d just end up retiring in a few years.

    Chibo: Isn’t she already in another group?

    Other: Seems most likely to me, I think they’ll have recruited someone new though she might have done some very indie work before (a la Ogami from Passcode). Whoever it is, she seems huge for a Japanese girl, if it weren’t for how shapely the legs were I’d have thought those were men’s boots.

  2. I think FP may just take #1 favorite group soon. I always rooted for the continuation of FP because it is exactly the music I am absolutely in love with. If it is the return of Mina, I would be so happy, but I will never forget how awesome she was either way.

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