Fruitpochette Lives, and This Is How

Speculate no more for at least a few minutes! Discovered via the fan club on Facebook, Fruitpochette will be releasing a new single/sort-of EP “in early August,” and this is it:

The track list:

  1. 絶叫-Unlash-
  2. 瞑想-In your mind-
  3. 魂火-Devotion-
  4. 飛翔-Believe my dream-

And we just learned a ton!

  • At least for the time being, Fruitpochette is the Shiori show. Whether “the time being” is just “in the time it took to produce this” and there will still be new member/s to announce, that we don’t know. But that cover art pretty much gives it away that this is Shiori flying solo (well, with the band, but you know what I mean).
  • We’ll probably get our first glimpse at some selection of these songs — guessing title track and one more, plus fan favorites — at TIF. Gotta promote that new release!
  • Those titles are not very metal! One could of course spin them that way, but let’s be honest with ourselves.
  • I think this is a good indication that Fruitpochette isn’t in any particular danger of folding. Even if there were songs at the ready when Mina retired, it wouldn’t have been a huge effort to repackage them for nanoRider or even just a Shiori project that’s called something other than Fruitpochette.
  • (Now I’m just riffing) So if that’s the brand moving on, does it still imply that there’s another member/s on the horizon? Fruitpochette was a two-woman job. Yes, Shiori can basically move mountains and (#hottake) is being criminally underserved by her management, but can even she adequately be Fruitpochette? Remember, this is idol; the group’s identity is always bigger than the members’.
  • Regardless of anything else, I’m begging for a real-deal MV, even if it’s Shiori singing a pop ballad in the rain or something. The world needs more Fruitpochette.

Hot damn, though. Friday actually got pretty exciting!

3 thoughts on “Fruitpochette Lives, and This Is How

  1. You go Shiori! It was sad when Mina had to retire, but I always loved this group. Shiori works so hard I hope she catches a break and this EP catches fire

  2. 東志栞 will reveal FRUITPOCHETTE new member for Tokyo Idol Fes in just 4 days!
    I think of 川原亜美 or 大原歩 or ならさきゅり or nanoCUNE or nanoRider or AiCune or even 寺谷美奈!! (with less probability)

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