This Fruitpochette Performance Is Great and Well-timed

It recently came to my attention that not enough people are aware of Fruitpochette. I don’t believe that I’m making a controversial statement in giving them the 1B title in the idols-doing-metal rankings; The Crest of Evil is pretty much an all-timer for the type.

However, Fruitpochette hasn’t had a great few months, and though a TIF performance looms, exactly what the future holds is kind of a crapshoot. Like, go ahead and guess at what you think happens at TIF, or after TIF. The music is completely great, and the talent level has always been stupid-lousy high. Anything is possible.

For now, Fruitpochette is still just Shiori mostly performing solo, like she is in this video (via the Idolmetal Facebook group).

The girl can sing like the dickens. Appreciate that.

9 thoughts on “This Fruitpochette Performance Is Great and Well-timed

  1. FP Is awesome, Shiori is fantastic for keeping it going and not just giving up, and “Crest of Evil” I would pit against ANY other album for being in the top few heaviest albums in the genre. Girl’s got pipes for days, especially since she is singing both parts written for her AND Mina!

  2. One of the real problems with adding new members is… well, Shiori’s really good. Anyone they add will almost certainly be worse than her for at least a little while. They might still add someone (or a couple of someones) but since they haven’t done so yet I feel like they’re probably going to carry on with just Shiori.

    Despite how good Shiori is, I still miss Mina, their voices interacted really well and you can tell all the choreography was designed for two people.

    • Well, Mayu from nanoCUNE did many shows with Shiori, but a few months ago they reveal with their last two members that left, they now form nanoRider, which solidifies her future, but not Shiori and FruitPochette. Maybe Shiori is training with someone new and that’s why her moves are still so good, and work hard to debut a solid performance by TIF with another. (that is just me dreaming, no real info). but she keep booking shows, I will keep rooting for her, as she has good support from the fans still after Mina had graduated out.

    • Shiori dances more casual when she is singing, as well as Mina. I miss being able to see them go HAM while the other is singing. Shiori had some of the cutest moves she can’t do now, she is singing now.

    • I kind of like the idea of two someones. Not to make a direct Babymetal parallel, but that would let Shiori focus on leading while the others complimented her in a way that wouldn’t be awkward.

  3. Thanks, My buddy @tsucci4101975 posted it. He is very big supporter of FruitPochette, going to other metal shows with boxes full of their albums and singles to grow FP’s Metal fans. I ignore FP for a while, bummed at a looming end, but now seeing if he can still do that, I can still post about her whenever I see stuff. 🙂

  4. I think she keep going til she cannot book shows anymore. and she’s been working hard. The upcoming TIF I feel has some merit to feel a second member debut, as I look thru the list, and at least last month was the only solo artist listed. My friend in Japan tells me she just land a big festival in September, (I forget the name of it) but now I feel confident it is not a farewell, and now I can listen to with love again, instead of feeling disaster.

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