Sunday Sucked: Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Wildly Irresponsible Rumor

I’m traveling for the job that actually pays me, and working in this field means that traveling for work equals 18-hour days, so do forgive the late notice if you haven’t already seen it. Also, posting will likely be even more sporadic than I anticipated.

ANYWAY, Bad News Items #1:

Yes, Hug Me, citing family reasons, is leaving BiSH basically immediately. While neither somewhat iconic leader nor definitely iconic center, Hug Me was nonetheless a cornerstone of BiSH since the group’s inception. She’s a genuinely interesting human being, and whatever has happened that is causing her to quit must be seriously tragic. While we lose a truly beloved homicidol figure, we still need to remember that the real pain is hers. All our best to you, Mug Me!

In better news, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da had already made it clear that they were back in the studio, and they announced the release date for their second for-sale single:

For what it’s worth, they’ve been tweaking their look to be a little more woman-on-the-street, but they haven’t lost an ounce of their edge yet, so this is probably going to be great.

And what’s this?

Why, the track is being teased for two ho–

Oh, missed it. /kicks can

That was Bad News Item #2.

There is a bit of a theory going around about Hug Me and BiSH and somebody who’s been doing some light performing with WACK-aligned groups lately …

And THAT’s the wildly irresponsible rumor!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Sucked: Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Wildly Irresponsible Rumor

  1. Assuming the new BiSH member isn’t plucked from obscurity, who in the avant-idol universe would be your dream addition to the roster?

    • Rie Kaneko and Hug Me has similar sounding voices to me but I doubt she would leave Ladybaby to join BiSH.
      Shirai しらい – (@she_is_lie) was forced to “graduate” from Jyujyu so I don’t think she is doing much right now, maybe she should audition for BiSH. She is very popular on twitter with over 25,000 followers. I’m going to tweet to her the suggestion to audition and see if I get a response. Do you think she would fit in with BiSH?

      • You actually make a really good point on Rie — they’re on (actually real, probably) hiatus, and she’d bring a nice cute+edge factor.

        I do think Shirai would be cool. And thinking about her made me think about the number of free agents out there right now, people either post or between projects. Gotta get those dedicated weirdos!

        • I got a response from Shirai しらい – (@she_is_lie) on twitter about my suggestion for her to audition to join BiSH & asked her what does she think about it? She didn’t tweet back to me but she liked my tweet, so I think she liked the idea. Who knows if she’ll actually audition though.

    • Dream? This is harder than I’d have thought … Their musical balance is pretty good already, so adding somebody like Fruitpochette’s Shiori would probably disrupt things too much. And Pour Lui, no way that works.

      Here, in the purest sense of BiStory: Bring back Yuffy. Things would get weird in a hurry.

        • I think she’s got too much juice. BiSH6 had a really nice 2x2x2 thing (more or less) with Aina-Atsuko, Chitti-Hug Me, Gumico-LingLing, and I don’t see Shiori having a good partner there. Unless they make her the captain, which no.

  2. The return of Mitchel would be amazing but I can’t see it happening sadly. LingLing’s sister failed the previous audition, having sister idols might be an interesting dynamic and who knows maybe she’s even crazier than LingLing!

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