Are You Ready for New Ladybaby?

You might be! And feel free to hate me for getting you to click on a post that has nothing to do with new music (well …) and everything to do with a new era for Ladybaby.


Can I just say that those new headshots are amazing? It’s like they’re trying to figure out how, and how much, to fuck you up.

New home page. “Ladybaby FC” sounds like the world’s most aggro soccer team.

Also (thanks, Viz Major!):

Did someone get fired?

Ladybeard is no longer a part of Ladybaby, and Ladybaby is going to officially reboot on Sept. 17 in a two-man with Oyasumi Hologram at LIQUID. That’s kind of astonishing, to be honest, though it was kind of obvious that something would come out of the hiatus. I’d rather save my breath on the matter until either live video or some promo material comes out, but I’m cautiously very optimistic about this. Also contradictory, apparently.

Here’s the uncomfortable video message:

Also, The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby? As a person who likes music history and who sees patterns and motivations that may not actually exist, I am excited by this.

10 thoughts on “Are You Ready for New Ladybaby?

  1. I’m actually really excited for this. I mean Ladybeard was cool and all but honestly the gimmick would only run it’s course for so long. In the music scene that is. Now his gimmick is great for his wrestling career however. I love the Rei x Rie duo though. They have perfect chemistry together, great vocals that complement each other, and Rei Kuromiya is one of my favorite idols (just had to throw that in).

    I really hope the name “The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY” is just something temporary for now and they declare an official name maybe at their live on 9/17. Surely they can come up with something good. I mean both girls have almost exactly the same name aside from a 2 letter switch so there’s definitely room there for something clever. RieRei. Rei/Rie. R&R. R/R? eiRei? ieRie? ReiRieBaby? Lol hell I don’t know.

    Regarding the shining egg in the picture there is speculation going around social media. The chairman of MissID tweeted the picture with the caption “”you can’t make an omelette without breaking the eggs”. Just to throw it out there for fun speculation. We all know Pokemon GO has been a phenomenon recently and a new Pokemon hatches from an egg. What if it actually is Pikarin? She does associate herself with Pikachu and the recent pictures of her with Rei x Rie just add more fuel to it not to mention she does have the ability to do some awesome growls which would be able to fill that element that Ladybeard was providing. We were just talking about a super group of the 3 together the other day in a Facebook idol group. Maybe its just my hopeful wishing but man that would blow my mind away. Pikarin is another one of my favorite idols.

  2. The promo pics and video seem to be saying: “LOOK AT THESE PRETTY YOUNG GIRLS! IT LOOKS LIKE THEEEIIIR NAAAKEEEED!” Which might give some hints of where they want to take the group.

    They seem to basically be doing the 3 standard alt-idol expressions: “Bored. :|”, “mischievous ;)” and “CRAZY! ;O”. It makes me wonder if they are just going to be “standard” alt-idols?

    What kind of music are they going to be performing? How much did Ladybeard have to do with the direction of the music?

    Is there going to be a new member?

    Do they have the skills to pull it off?

    And are they going to be able to make anyone(other than hardcore wota) care? Say what you want about Ladybeard but he was definitely the focal point of the group, for better or worse, and got more eyes on the group than they ever would have had without.

    Or is it just a PR stunt and Ladybeard is going to be in that fucking egg?

  3. I have to say, their promo video makes it seem they are going a more gravure direction. They are talented girls and they don’t need to do that, nor will I follow them if they do

  4. That video does seem a bit ‘wrong’ to me, plus they should have changed the name to Ladyshave ( you know as they lost the Ladybeard ), still why should I care, I can’t stand them anyway!

  5. Well I’m thinking it could be someone we are familiar with (no not buying your into your tonque-in-cheek illuminati BM schtick, Maniac) since LB in any incarnation has a substantial and well-earned fanbase.

    So perhaps or maybe that egg robot guy from the Sega classic Sonic the Hedgehog.. An enhanced BRATZ sort of thing? Ome-lette? Ima letyou finish…?. Kanye West? My money is on Kanye. Keeping up with the Kuromiya/KanekoKardashians. I can see that. Absotively.

    The LB video from a few weeks ago for that Chinese Game may hold some clues as well, or not. Probably not.

    I’ll give Ladybeard some credit, though. If he is stepping aside to allow the Rei/Rie/??? combination to thrive on their own (which they certainly could at this point) good on him. I’ll bet dollars to donuts he will still show up occasionally.

    Whats the deal with Idols ceasing activities when they are at their arguable prime? Gorram BIS. Grr.

    Up the Beards!


    • See, this is where you guys go wrong: It’s ALL a conspiracy. That’s why I’m very concerned about your mentioning Kanye. That’s just a coincidence, right? Like, you didn’t get any weird envelopes in the mail or what look like wedding invitations written in Braille? Yeah?

      I do think a lot of the sudden graduating is more than a little weird, to the point that I’m sure that some of it is management-driven as much as anything. Like, I get Tsubasa Fly deciding to retire entirely at their peak — it’ll never get any better, they’ll never be as young again, it’s been a nice few years, so let’s all just transition into adulthood with positive memories of having made it. On the other hand, look at Fruitpochette’s Mina; yes, she has a kidney condition that limits her, but she’s right back to performing on a limited schedule, so most likely management looked at what they’d like to be able to do, looked at what she was able to do, and decided that a mutual parting of ways was a good bet.

      Sad and dumb, but whatevs.

      I do kind of think that Ladybeard got canned, though. He made a gimmick work for sure, but he’s always been about being Ladybeard more than anything else, and my bet is that Clearstone got annoyed with his side schedule getting in the way of what they wanted from the group (probably not what they originally planned, either). So bye-bye beard boy, and raise up Rie and Rei as the new core of … something. Yeah, it’ll probably be renamed. That’s fine.

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