Fashion Fatales in the iCON DOLL LOUNGE

Remember the last time we got to share from iCON DOLL LOUNGE? That was pretty great. And this is pretty great, too.

iCON DOLL LOUNGE is sort of an idol showcase, a fashion-meets-musical-performance get-together of idols that fit right into our sweet spot — big enough and known enough to matter (or rapidly on their way there), but still not so huge as to turn up their noses at such a thing. Or, in some cases, the fashionista move is something they normally do. Anyway, the shows are fairly regular, and last weekend’s featured some site favorites and possible soon-to-bes.

But before the video begins, be warned that you’re going to see idols of pain, destruction and distress like you’ve never seen them before.

It’s not my fault that you fell for the clickbait thing. Look at how not-likely-to-hurt-themselves-and/or-others Mashiro and Aza are!

For being a sport, here’s Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da live:

And how about some JyuJyu?

And Pikarin?

@ramenshuriken recorded this stream, so say thank you like a nice person.

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