A Fan’s View of the iCON DOLL LOUNGE

We’re big fans of iCON DOLL LOUNGE around here, given that it’s become a great venue for the kinds of idols we appreciate while giving them a chance to, you know, idol a little bit and do a fashion show in addition to performance. Our friend @DaeMetal is in Tokyo for a little something happening next week and taking in all the shows we wish we could see, and he very kindly contributed this report in the forums:

I regularly question why I’m so intrigued by these idols and this music. Especially since, for me, one of the key characteristics of a good musician is the ability to pull off what they do in a studio in a live setting. So, on this visit to Japan, I decided to put it to the test and see just how well these idol units who have somehow gotten their hooks into my soul hold up on stage. iCON DOLL Lounge provided the perfect opportunity to kick it all off with 14 groups (not all of whom would make the Homicidol playlist) performing over the course of six hours.

Read the whole thing, and let Daemon know that you appreciate the contribution. I sure do!

Fashion Fatales in the iCON DOLL LOUNGE

Remember the last time we got to share from iCON DOLL LOUNGE? That was pretty great. And this is pretty great, too.

iCON DOLL LOUNGE is sort of an idol showcase, a fashion-meets-musical-performance get-together of idols that fit right into our sweet spot — big enough and known enough to matter (or rapidly on their way there), but still not so huge as to turn up their noses at such a thing. Or, in some cases, the fashionista move is something they normally do. Anyway, the shows are fairly regular, and last weekend’s featured some site favorites and possible soon-to-bes.

But before the video begins, be warned that you’re going to see idols of pain, destruction and distress like you’ve never seen them before. Continue reading

They Do Let Our Kind into Things Like iCON DOLL LOUNGE

I’ll just go ahead and admit that I had no earthly idea what this was and why it was a big deal on Twitter over the weekend, but it actually looks like a lot of fun.

Apparently, iCON DOLL LOUNGE is a fashion show / performance event that has idols strut their stuff in what might be seasonal fashion wear, then tear it up on stage. I’m still trying to see all who was there, but this past weekend’s event featured a whole bunch of site favorites, including the beloved PassCode and personal favorite that all you tasteless fools don’t heed well enough Bellring Girls Heart. Continue reading