ICE CREAM SUICIDE’s Launch Party Recap

Here’s the show!

ICE CREAM SUICIDE- I.S.C.R.E.A.M by idolvizion

c/o @Kirby_metal & @@d0fph0t0

To the surprise of some but also somewhat obviously in retrospect, ICE CREAM SUICIDE is rocking a denpa style. We’ll see along the way if they have anything else going on, but that’s what we have so far.

It will be 19:00 JST in about 10 minutes, which means that ICE CREAM SUICIDE’s debut party will start and Niconico Douga will have the live broadcast.

There’s a full event description here. If you need to register for Niconico, do it here.

This has turned into one of the most anticipated debuts I’ve ever witnessed, and I love it. Let’s all hope that the music is as good as they seem to be promising it’ll be. Consider this your live thread if you want to take notes.

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