BiSH’s Very Earnest New Video Is Killer

See what I did there?

“Honto Honki” (本当本気) got the MV treatment on KiLLER BiSH release day, and it’s pretty much got it all.

That moment when a million hearts shatter as one …

Back on the ol’ review, I described the song as “Bowling for Soup playing disco after listening to Suicidal Tendencies for a few hours,” and I’ll stick with it! If it were arranged or even mixed just a little bit differently, you’d have either a playful party romp or a face-stomper, and instead of either you get full-throttle energy on a song that sounds so very sweet. So … earnest?

Nice star turn, too, AYUNi D. You actually managed to upstage Aina!

Also, same director as for “Deadman”? Not dissimilar visual styles. No, actually as “MONSTERS”:

Oh, and I’m just going to keep updating this with thoughts and stuff and keep no log of that. Sorry.

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