Inside the Homicidol Mind: The End Is Nigh

So BiSH is kind of on fire lately; have they even had a hiccup in their 19-month existence? And as we’ve seen around the release of KiLLER BiSH, they’re a big-ass deal now.

Befitting of idols, the personalities involved are attractive in their own right. The Captain, Chitti; Atsuko and her goofy prickliness; liNGliNG and the collection of human ears she keeps in her purse being legitimately strange; and, of course, the group’s center and one of the true power voices in idol, #THEENDER, Aina the End.

Ever wonder where her career really got started? How she feels about Chitti and the others? What about BiS? The most recent edition of IDOL AND READ went there.

I’ve been wanting to try working on a solo projects and to be honest, I do felt a bit of envy when CHITTI got the chance to do that.

I don’t want to tell you about this but i have a crush with the most handsome guy in my class and we were really, really close. I’m not a gloomy type of girl so i always like “HEY!” every time i called him over but the others hates me for being close to him. They all were like, “What’s up with that weird looking, un-well behave ugly girl?” and from there, the bullies worsen.

I was invited to joined the most famous dance company in Kansai, I won a dance contest held by AVEX and I also become the back dancer to a lot of people. It was the moment where all I do paid off. I was a total loser before where all the role I getting was as the supporting act but now i become the center of the attentions. The time I spend there was more fulfilling than the time I have as BiSH. That time, i wouldn’t even mind even if I die. I really did everything I want to do.

There’s a lot more in there, like the impact of bullying on not just her OWN drive, but of others; how she was ashamed of her body; and her aspirations for BiSH. Read the whole thing:

That’s the real source, but I totally ganked this from Kerrie’s feed

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