Billie Idle Released a Preview Single for “bi bi bi bi bi” and It’s Great

In one a great little under-the-radar move, Billie Idle quietly tweeted out this announcement about the immediately availability of “Nakisou Sunday” on iTunes:

Clicking through doesn’t get you much closer to the download, as it’s not only on iTunes, but the dreaded Japanese iTunes that you have to bend over backwards to use. I, however, am such a nice guy that I reconfigured my iTunes a little while back and not only downloaded the song …

… I’ll tell you all about it so you can download it yourself! Ain’t I swell?

So. “Nakisou Sunday.” You can actually get a completely accurate representation of it from Billie Idle’s performance at JAM, where they added it to the end of their set.

Go to 13:00, but also watch the whole thing

I am in no way exaggerating when I call Billie Idle the Social Distortion of idol punk, and this song really drives that home — it’s just a straight guitar-driven rock song with lots of vocal harmonies and a throwback riff and a hook so catchy, you’d swear you were a delicious bass. I can practically hear this on U.S. rock radio circa 1982, right around the time that the actual Billy Idol was breaking through.

I do wonder what it’s like to be a member of Billie Idle. Momose Momo wrote this one (with that Kevin Marks cat providing the music); when you write, how do you feel putting together what you’re sure is going to be a great chorus when you know it’s just going to be completely taken over by the Idol Messiah herself, First Summer Uika, may peace be upon her? If you feel put out by that at all, I bet you feel a lot better as soon as you get to spend some time around the Idol Messiah herself, First Summer Uika, may be peace be upon her.

Also, in a general note about that performance that I’d rather write up as a proper thing but probably never will, can I get an amen on the notion that, if Mike Patton were to get into producing idols, Billie Idle would probably be the jewel in his crown? Between Momo and Uipon, you’ve got a ton of Patton happening — they’re so damn good at their jobs that they just keep looking for ways to keep it interesting.

Anyway, good job, Momo, and your sister sounds just as good recorded as live and I’m now definitely looking forward to bi bi bi bi bi when it comes out in a few weeks.