So, BiS Disbanded, Again

Welp, so BiS just disbanded for a second time.

The initial announcement of their disbandment back in March wasn’t really given much coverage on Homicidols, since it also happened to collide with a gazillion other things both in idol and our personal lives, but I think the general reaction of the announcement was certainly one of anger, confusion, and betrayal. It came straight off the heels of the annual shitstorm that is the WACK audition, in which multiple members (and Trivago, back for more) were fired on the spot for what was ultimately a frustrating sideshow. The remaining members had finally had enough and called it quits, with Watanabe immediately holding casting calls for a third incarnation of BiS mere minutes after the previous audition had even ended. Looking back, it was probably a good thing that none of us were able to write about WACK EXHiBiTiON in the end as the resulting article would probably have just been a mess of all-caps angrish and thinly-veiled threats of revenge towards Watanabe.

But now, after the storm has settled, I just feel sad. Not only because of the sheer talent and personality that was squandered for the idol industry equivalent of YouTube clicks but, the announcement of this BiS reboot was what ultimately led to my role at Homicidols, something that for the past three years has helped me to grow as a person and has consistently been a root of ongoing positivity in my life. It’s what ultimately helped me to find other fans whom many would later become my friend. While overall I still prefer the first incarnation of BiS, if anything I still have a lot of love and sentimentality towards the closing era of BiS for this very reason. So, thank you so much, BiS, for changing my life as well as the world.

But personal whining aside, what are the now ex-BiS going to be up to from now on? Well, unlike the first disbandment, we didn’t really get any certainty of what exactly they’d be doing next. What we do know is:

  • Kika Front Frontale and Go Zeela have left WACK effective immediately.
  • Pan Luna Leafy, YUiNA EMPiRE and Muropanako will remain in WACK.
  • Peri Ubu, Aya Eightprince, Mewclub and Toriaez Hana are still unknown. The official answer was that they would be “free agents”. Will they remain in WACK, will they go off and do other things, who the hell knows at this point!?

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to cry softly while looking at Kika photos.

3 thoughts on “So, BiS Disbanded, Again

  1. Watanabi is so punk rock. Reminds me of Malcolm Mclaren who was Instrumental in early punk bands like Sex Pistols and Bow Wow Wow. What I wonder is how much of WACK is theatre? I hate it when groups I learn to love disband but it stirs things up. Punk Rock was never intended to last to the point of elevator music. It was a reaction to pop music at the time and wanted to destroy it much as alt Idol is a reaction to Idol. Long live the death of punk.

  2. Honestly, and I mean this in the most supportive way possible, I’m surprised Aya and Hana didn’t follow Zeela and Kika out the door, after all this…

    I want to hope BiS 3 will be good, but the best I can do is expect nothing. If they’re good I’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if not, well, I kind of expected it. With the way Watanabe is milking the BiS name for all it’s worth, Pour Lui is probably digging herself a grave just so she can spin in it.

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