Your Homicidols Weekender #130

Today is a weird day, friends. A lot of cool and good things have happened, but BiS (v. like 2.4) is gone, and while I’ll spare you all the soliloquy (also: kinda called it!) so as to let a little piece by Kerrie stand out instead, I do want to say that this brings things about as full circle as could be. There’s a weird sort of poetry in Babymetal having a fresh release in the same week as latter-day BiS disbanding; none of (/waves hands around) this exists without those two.

Oh and this was originally going to be a really, really solid Weekender, but my phone ate the notifications that I saved up between Tuesday and Thursday, so I had to recreate from memory, and that was not a raging success. Still pretty good though.

More to come today, obviously, and plenty on the horizon, no matter what all’s currently shaking out in WACKworld. Go play the Fun, and, if you happen to be at either the EU embassies’ open-house thing today or at the Who show in Virginia tonight, come say hi to the only dude at either in a NECRONOMIDOL shirt.

But Why Though?

RED ALERT! My new pals at Gerpfast Records asked that I let you know that this very limited edition is running its course, so get that DJ MARIKO tape while you still can!

When Shiori keeps it close to home and profiles her kouhai in HimeKyunFruitCan:

Here’s some WEAR live:

I don’t know why Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da added new members with cursed colors, but here we go:

And speaking of members, this is one of the wildest series of tweets I’ve ever seen, courtesy of MELT MUSIC:

Here’s the full digest for the BiSH CARROTS EP:

Yet again, a live Devil ANTHEM cut:

An incredibly rare Sola Sound sighting!

Wanna join NO MARK?

The not-idol formerly known as Cococo’s band Gordon? Cool:

The Codomomental band that was part of their (relatively) early expansion? Gone:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus in HAMIDASYSTEM purely because of my bias and enthusiasm about their reboot and the whole context with CROSSNOESIS and stuff. Here’s the making-of:

And their live at Gyu-no Fes!

This of course does raise the question of why I didn’t do a Gyu-no Fes post, and the truth is that I was going to move that whole thing into this space, but I lost track of it and feel like it wouldn’t have been as good as it should have been, so … here’s something instead that’s even better than that at its best!

I do think its likely, having seen that preview and everything, that there’s tons of content ahead for us, and I for one literally can’t wait.

Apropos of nothing (and considering that at the time of this typing I have no idea of the substance of these latest WACK hootenannies):

In better developments, my long-term low-key GANG PARADE favorite, Yua, is up to cool things:

Again, if you wanted that Dots farewell album:

My girl Chitti enjoying the hell out of the view from BiSH’s first Osaka one-man:

Tentenko just keeps cranking these out:

It’s a little dated, but I kind of loved this Kaqriyo Terror Architect promo spot:

And you can pretty much leave this one from Shihatsu-machi Underground on a loop:

Likewise dated, but hey I just saw it? Live Wagamama Rakia lyric video:

The legend of #YuraSmile goes on and on:

Have a great weekend!

This is the worst goddamn thing ever, I love it

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  1. Eh the new Babymetal song sounds like Passcode which I am not a fan of due to the autotune sound.

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