Babymetal: New Single, New Tour, Old Tricks

It ain’t exactly new anymore, folks, but various proto-iterations of “Babymetal Does X” have been sitting in the drafts queue and just teasing our itchy trigger fingers for the past couple of days, and the whole reason that neither Daemon nor I had hit Publish yet was because we were waiting on a dang MV that still isn’t out so TO HELL WITH IT, LET’S JUST DO THE DANG BABYMETAL POST!

So if you Weekender, you saw my brief reference to the weird feeling of seeing Babymetal making kind of a triumphant return in the same week that BiS was disbanded. That is, the two very loud, expectation-subverting idol-related things that got me into this, the first two (and I believe only in toto) to be granted the Legends tag in this WordPress configuration, easily the two biggest influences on the whole basis for this website and everything it cares about coming into existence in the first place, are going their separate ways not so much like a Journey song but more like Lyft’s and Uber’s respective IPOs, if you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, Babymetal is roaring back into your life (as if they ever really left!) with, on top of that album “soon,” the first single from it released digitally a couple of days ago and frustratingly difficult to access at first, actually, but now all hunky dory!

Obviously go buy the thing (that album’s still somewhere off in the future!), but you can also listen to it right here:

I’d previously only heard this sucker via not-great live bootlegs, so it was excellent to get a fully produced “Elevator Girl” as an isolated audio track. This is the title-mentioned “old tricks” part: I may have been smitten by Babymetal’s nigh-perfect juxtaposition of cute things and astonishing brutality (I still want BMD to be played at my funeral), but what ultimately won me over in so many ways and words was actually the wildly creative compositions and risk-taking and willingness to add jazz breaks and weird synths and super-catchy hooks to songs that most self-respecting edgelords would find some attenuated bs reason to avoid. They reinvigorated my love for music by making metal pop and pop metal, ffs. And now listen to this thing, and listen to it again. The girls will (and have been), of course, smash this performance to dust and suitably receive lots and lots of credit, but the creative team needs some serious accolades here. It may not be my favorite Babymetal ever, but it’s very good to see that one of the best things about the group can keep carrying on.

Oh right! And there’s a tour! A full one, not just those headline gigs! With Avatar, but that’s fine!

Cruelly, while there are plural appearances in my driveable vicinity, they managed to time this to run concurrently with a longstanding personal obligation that will make seeing all but maybe one of them impossible! Good thing that Team exists and are already working on the full-court media press.

If this were a couple of years ago, I’d be typing very loudly in speculation as to whether Babymetal’s going from one-man touring to being a support act to being a headliner over the course of four Western touring seasons meant something about how Amuse views the project and what its broader ambitions might be, but I’ll spare you. I just think it’s cool and kind of interesting that they’re now on a very metal band kind of career trajectory in that regard. I still wish they’d be willing to bring along an additional loudol project or two for these kinds of performances (though, at this point, who even?).

So a big few months ahead for the literal reason for the season! I hope it’s half as wild a ride as the first time out!