50 YMM MVs Day 14: Shoegazing

One of the goals of doing this 50 Days of Yurumerumo! MVs Project was, aside from celebrating one of the most beloved groups among the Homicidols staff, was to help acquaint potential new fans into their fold and get them to “Melt More” just like we did. For myself personally, this is an especially valuable entry in the series, because this very song was the one that fully sealed the deal and crossed me over from being a casual admirer of the group into a committed fan.

The song is titled “人間は少し不真面目 (Onna no Ko yo Shitai to Odore)”. It was conceived by the core YMM! team: Arranger Hashida Kazuma, lyrics by Kobayashi Ai, who together with the group’s producer, Taichi Take, set out to record a beautiful, sprawling shoegaze epic…

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous song! When this masterpiece first came out, I played it constantly in my car. Actually, I still play it in my car constantly – with the volume turned waaaaay up high. It’s got this lovely peaceful calm to it, and even when when it explodes into a swirling cacophony of feedback-drenched guitars, it never lets go of it’s delicate inner beauty. It’s amazing and maybe a little melancholy, but it never depresses me because there’s a hopefulness driving it home. It remains one of my very favorite YOU’LL MELT MORE! songs, and also sits well at the top of my mental list of all-time favorite songs of any genre. Did I tell you that love this song?

So what’s the deal with the video? Well, the song is the closing theme of the film “Onna no Ko yo Shitai to Odore (Girls, Dance With The Dead)”, a film by director Asakura Kayoko that starred the members of the group! (That’s the trailer posted above.) The movie was released in 2015 with the partnership of TRASH-UP!! Records.

To tell you truth, I’ve seen the film, but it was without translation so I couldn’t catch every plot detail. But I can tell you that essentially, it’s about a group of girls (YMM!) who have a cleaning service. While working, Chibo discovers the dead body of a young girl (Ano) in the woods. With the help of a Black Metal-induced pagan ritual, they bring the body back to life and she becomes a friend to the others. But as these always happen of course, there’s unintended consequences, culminating with a showdown against the responsible parties that murdered Ano in the first place.

The song was included in a short soundtrack to the film, which to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if you can still find easily. It’s a shame too, cause it has songs on it not released on any other singles or albums, and it’s not currently on any digital platforms.

It’s a matter of opinion of of course, but in my book, this marks a highlight of YOU’LL MELT MORE! in their golden age. Everything they did before, and everything they’ve continued to do since has been fabulous, but this time period is absolute pure golden artfulness from them. I don’t know if many of the “rock idols” and “art idols” that we enjoy would have flourished like they have if this ground wasn’t broken first. This isn’t just a great moment in Yurumerumo! history, this is a great moment in music history.