Song of the Summer Nominations, 2020

Every year, enduring songs emerge that collectively define the summer months. They are the infectious tunes that serve as the backing music for the few brief months between school years, or the soundtrack of unforgettable vacations. Summer is often a transitional time of new experiences and transformation. The accompanying music will later inspire nostalgia for a specific point in time when everything changed.

On the verge of an unprecedented summer time, more than ever, we have no idea what the season may bring. Team Homicidols is here to help eliminate the uncertainty in one area at least: filling out your summer playlist.

Homicidols Nominations for Song of the Summer, 2020

Boys Be Anarchy, Nani’n’Nerun?

Nominated by: Papermaiden

You’ll Melt More had several changes in line up since the beginning of the year, and this lo-fi, short tune is the first song released by the two new additions, Nani and Nerun. I think this is a perfect summer song because the vocals are fresh and it’s relaxing and silly, which is all I ever hope my summer vacations will be.

Extra summery vibes added for the red gingham fabric, which of course immediately makes me want to go on a picnic.

L ・O・L・I・T・A♡C・O・M・P・L・E・X, Dreamy Melts

Nominated by: Chris

Well actually I’d pick Boys Be Anarchy too but as Papermaiden’s got that covered, I nominate this insanely catchy song.  Now, they are a band and Maniac has banned bands from here, but they are led by a former idol, but that idol idolled as one of the wives in Kiyoshi Ryujin 25, who though great were not exactly Homicidols material, but shut up!  This is joyous summer rock music and I’m putting it in anyway!  A warning before listening though, this is very likely to make you start singing “L-O-L-I-T-A-C-O-M-P-L-E-X” at random moments in public for the next two weeks.


Nominated by: Cal

Fresh off the heels of Nao of Nao‘s underage drinking scandal (read: a 19 year old having a drink with friends that nobody normal actually gave a shit about) was MAMESHiBA’s first promo track from their upcoming album. MAMESHiBA’s style is traditional idol antics blended with that good old WACK edge and this song with it’s lyric video poking fun at the scandal ebb more towards the latter. We haven’t been able to meet up with friends and drink for a while because of Corona so the new puppydogs of the idol world getting absolutely hammered and screaming over some heavy guitar is exactly the kind of thing to get you in a summer mood. Perfect for playing when restrictions are lifted and getting drunk with your friends in hot weather is OK again. Thank you for being a criminal, Nao-chan!


Nominated by: Brian

Are BEYOOOOONDS just a total blast or what? Everything they do is ridiculously catchy and the members are endlessly charming, and the group that many have credited with reigniting their Hello! Project fandom just can’t stop recording total “bops” as the kids like to say. The group hasn’t let me down yet and  “Vitamin Me” is playing a huge part in my lockdown era coping mechanisms. BEYOOOOONDS are truly healthy and energizing multivitamins!

miracle story, BURST GIRL

Nominated by: Steve Sp☆rkles

The first track off the BURST GIRLS recent collaboration CD is the perfect song to accompany that early morning start to a classic summer road trip. You know, the one where you promised the isolation pod you’d be on the road by 7:00 a.m. so you can hit the coast before 10:00 and snag a socially-distanced spot on the beach but someone dared you to finished off the Barcardi last night and you think you may have finally crashed around 3:30, maybe??? Who knows? You certainly don’t. The melody here is a gentle infectious groove to keep your attention from drifting and while the hypnotic vocals will soothe any impinging hangover. So slap on some shades, crank this beautiful tune and head off into the sunrise! You can sleep when you’re dead.

Quesera Sera, Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders

Nominated by: DAEMON

As refreshing as vintage, ocean breeze-inspired city pop, the bright, upbeat instrumentation of this song belies the wistful longing in the vocals of the chorus.  SUZUKA, one of the most underrated voices in chika idol, expertly guides this light yet moody tune. It’s perfect for lounging by the pool while yearning for less lonely days ahead. Like, when the apartment management will allow more than four people in the pool area at a time again.

Shape UP!, Peri Ubu

Nominated by: Kerrie

Last year, I nominated the solo career of ex-BiS member Peri Ubu as my personal pick for “Most Likely To Break Through in 2020”, and, well, maybe she would have by now if Avex would actually release all of her eleven confirmed songs to the public! For now though, we have this digital single, Shape UP! and it’s a chaotic banger. Inspired by classic workout anthems, Shape UP! is a mishmash of 80s hair metal and late 2000s EDM. Think Bed In mixed with Koda Kumi. Even if you’re not intending to work for a “summer body” this year, Shape UP! is a wildly addictive and fun track that’ll keep you energized even through the sweltering heat.