Homicidols Community Project: Top 50 Alt-Idol MVs of All Time

We are excited to announce our new community project. Last fall, we and many of our readers all shared our 10 favorite idol songs. This time around, we are being a bit more ambitious. Our goal with this project is to identify the 50 best alt, indie, and underground idol MVs of all time. 

Here is our plan:

  1. Collect nominations for Best MVs from the Homicidols Community.
  2. Ask our readers to rank all the nominations on a Likert-type scale.
  3. Pitch the ranked MVs against each other in a World Cup-style tournament.
  4. Compile the tournament results into a final ranked list. 

This may take us most of the summer. I hope you don’t have any plans.

We will need your help to complete step one, so please let us know your top five favorite idol MVs here:

The only thing we ask is that:

  1. The MV is for an idol project (eg. ZOC = OK; Seiko Oomori = NG).
  2. You can provide a current link to the MV.

This second criteria, unfortunately, eliminates some masterpieces from the running (like “Himitsu No Tobira” by the sorely missed Kai), but we just can’t ask the community to vote on MVs that they can’t watch.

Other than that, there are no hard and fast rules regarding what music videos you can nominate for your top five. Parameters you could consider include:

  • Personal appeal
  • Artistic achievement
  • Historical significance to the genre
  • Amount of Yurapico facetime
  • or you could just pick the five MVs that you’ve watched the most times.

Essentially, pick the five MVs you would present as evidence to a judge in an attempt to prove that alternative idol is the most creative and compelling music genre on the planet.

Submit your contributions here:

Potential Nominee, “Kimi ni Hanasaki!” by Kuroneko no Yuutsu.