Your Homicidols Weekender #341

I usually start the Weekender with something glib or sarcastic, but I’m not going to be able to pull that off today. We got got serious earlier in the week with our response to the continuing harassment of Sorb3t and other overseas idols. My week also ended on a serious note as I had to say goodbye to Kaede, my feline companion of fifteen years.  

I want to send out a special thanks to the veterinarians who perform the ministry of in-home euthanasia. They are absolute angels of mercy.

So, yeah, I am the worst pick possible to compile the Weekender since I’m straight-up in mourning. Hopefully, recapping the week in idol will bring me some comfort, but just in case I burst into tears during Oshiloss Corner, you know what’s going on. 

I almost forgot: We launched an Instagram account last week as well, so please follow us.

Isiliel will be at HYPERJAPAN! Hooray!

NARLOW, the new idol super-unit from Pan Luna Leafy, released their first MV just prior to their official debut (which is today). 

Ringwanderung release this MV called “Lily” which is not a Yanakoto Sotto Mute cover.

Here’s a PV of the debut performance of a new song from the absolute treasure that is RAY.

RAY also released a new single this week. Its composed by Azusa Kan of the incomparable April Blue.

Finger Runs are an absolute joy.

Pimm’s is trying to tell me something.

Owaranaide, yoru has released their latest EP.

This is what we will miss from CROSSNOESIS.

Wonder Lander re-released a new mix of “Light”.  


If you like music that sounds great at max volume, then you may like the new one from MAGMAZ.

THIS IS NATS wants to stop being an otaku (spoiler: she can’t stop being an otaku).

Oyasumi Hologram shared a couple of PVs this week.

buGG’s PARADE has been released.

Catchy Me are having a pretty good rookie year.

We don’t hear from UNDERBEASTY enough.

The trend this wee is PVs, so here’s one from Anthurium.

Oshiloss Corner

A number of units announced they will be taking a break in July:

NELN will be going on indefinite hiatus on July 14th.

POPPiNG EMO will be going on hiatus July 9th.

GALS will be going on hiatus July 4th.

CHIYO-P has graduated from PIGGS.

Amemiya R Galaxy has graduated from Chemical X.

87 is out of HUSH HUSH. She told management, “‘I have been battling to balance my idol business and my work, but it is gradually becoming more and more difficult for me both physically and mentally.’ She also told us that she was gradually losing her mind due to the difference in values between herself and the group.”

Monoclone has ended their current system with the graduation of all members. The unit is now on hiatus.

Amani namo. has been let go from Approval addiction.

Oshifound Corner

chuuum is a new unit produced by uyu (ex. PLANCK STARS) under mews productions, the company founded by Nekono Tama (formerly Fufu Shizuku of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.).

They announced their first member, amo, who you may have known as MOMOLAND (ex. BiS).

Have a Good Weekend!